​"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Committed to unity, equality, transparency and results!

"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."        

​John F. Kennedy

Candidate Phil Gross

Election date 4/10/2021

New Castle Senior Center!

Phil Gross

This site will be updated next 4/5/21 at 10 pm.

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For City Council

I humbly ask for your vote on 4/10/21. I will work for you to bring about a better community with more equality, a stronger infrastructure, a more environmentally sound program, Council transparency and the results that you deserve! Every ones voice should be heard and I'd like to be your advocate!   

Robert F. Kennedy

Current updates

  • Election Day is April 10th! (Get out and make your vote count!) The polling location is the New Castle Senior Center.
  • ABSENTEE BALLATS are available from our City office on Delaware Street. Use this LINK to get the information on how to SAFELY pick one up OR if you would like me to bring you the absentee ballot request form,CLICK THIS LINK and request one and I'll bring you a request form.   
  • We're looking for volunteers to help with the campaign as well as people that are willing to put a campaign sign up in front of their home. If you're interested, please text Phil at 302-562-7636 or email him at: PhilforCouncil@gmail.com.       
  • If you'd like to make a contribution to the campaign, please click HERE ... any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Phil            
  • Look up and "like" my Green Drinks page on Face Book to receive updates from my environmental group. 

My name is Phil Gross and I am humbly asking for your vote on April 10th. Living in the City of New Castle for many years has brought great joy to my life. I'd like to give back by playing a more integral role with its continued improvement and preservation. With my over 30 years of business, community and organizational involvement, I feel that I can help make a difference in our community. Also, with running an environmentally friendly group called Green Drinks Delaware, that champions itself for recycling, pushing for using echo friendly products, humane treatment of animals, reduced gas emissions and reduced landfill bulk, I will make environmental issues a high priority.

With my 30 years of running a family lighting business, Gross Lighting and being part of a management team for Dollar Tree, I have great business accolades. I’ve gained civic experience through lifelong involvement as a community/organizational leader, serving on city committees as well as participating and helping with many city events. I feel that with these combined skill sets, I can help to make a difference in the in the community and am uniquely qualified to earn your vote to fill a position for City council.

In addition, I am the type of person that is interested in other's needs and concerns and have been able to "rally the troops to get the job done" and to work for the common good of an organization, a company as well as the community. I have also been able to mend divides within a company and organization, thus fostering a spirit of collaboration and feel that people should be given the opportunity to be treated equally. With that being said, I feel that I would be able to apply these same traits to accomplish the same for this community that we proudly call home.

Just like you, I love the city we live in and want to preserve its historic charm, improve its infrastructure and insure that it and the surrounding communities continue to become an even more attractive, vibrant, safe and charming destination to live in and visit for many years to come.

I feel that with all the above skill sets and my commitment to serve ALL the people and communities that make up the City of New Castle, I can make a difference and am the best candidate for a position on City council. I humbly ask for your vote on
April 10th, so that I can continue to make a difference and be given the opportunity to be your advocate on City Council.

Respectfully submitted, ​Phil Gross 

If you would like to meet for a one on one or in a group, would like to participate with our campaign, have any questions, concerns or ideas, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me at: PhilForCouncil@gmail.com or call me at: 302-562-7636.

If you believe in me to do a good job for you as your Councilman and enjoy the City of New Castle including the historic district and would like to make aCONTRIBUTION, you can make it by pressing HERE. No amount is too small and will be greatly appreciated.